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Our Story


Smokin' Bones BBQ is committed to Producing High Quality Food. It is our desire to share our experiences and growing our Brand in Denver, with a belief in achieving Quality over Quantity.

We started our Journey more than 15 years ago as a fundraiser for our Church Youth Group to go on a trip to Disney World! As the orders were filled, the request for our food started to grow. Soon enough, we could not keep up with the Demand. It was then we found a new dream and path to venture down.


Now "Our Dream has come to Life"! We now operate Smokin' Bones BBQ Food Truck, designed to reach the masses. Our plan is to keep it simple with Homemade Rubs, Sauces, Sides and Desserts all made with Love!


We are 2 people with Big Hearts and an even Bigger Dreams to make our Product known to Denver.

We have more than 15 years of experience creating our brand and have built a nice size customer base, but we know there is always room for growth.

We plan to Integrate and Meld with other Local Small Businesses to increase the Growth and Support of our Colorado Commerce. Focusing on ingredients that are "Home Grown" or made by "Mom & Pop" Small Business Owners who share the same standards of food as we do.

Grilled and Slow Smoked Meats offer a Healthier Alternative to Fried and Processed Foods for Colorado's Eclectic Residents. We select the Best Quality Products to create the Best Standards of food.


Our Style of BBQ is a Blend of all the well known BBQ sites around the country, such as Chicago, Memphis, Texas, and Kansas City. We offer a blend of sauces that represents these Great BBQ Cities.

We know that you can spend your money anywhere and we want to make you glad that you made us your choice.


Thank you for your Support! 

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3600 E. 40th Ave.

Denver, Co 80207

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